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Laura explains how to tell an shy animal that they need to be medicated.
Court the 10 year old horse says, “I’m glad I’m not gonna be horse meat”. 
Tribute to Mr. Squirrely
Listen to the podcast to hear what other animals say!
Our Guest On The Show Is:
Zach Skow of Marley’s Mutts Dog Rescue joins us with rescue dog Charlotte. Website http://www.marleysmutts.com
Laura Stinchfield – Animal Communicator with show producer Ai Kusuhara will interview interesting animals and their people.
Laura will also open up the lines for listeners to call in to ask questions to their animals. 
Be prepared to be enlightened, amazed, to laugh and maybe cry as you are opened up to the inner lives, thoughts, and feelings of the world’s animals.
Laura Stinchfields official website is http://www.ThePetPsychic.com