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This episode won’t put you to sleep, but it may make you want to – in “Perchance to Dream,” we will examine the scientific and mystical elements of sleep or more accurately…the lack of such.

Humans are the only animal species in the world that purposely stays awake and research clearly shows that Mother Nature has not nearly had enough time to assist us in adapting our bodies and minds to what has become the one of the most catastrophic habits of our modern times.

And while lack of sleep indeed damages our bodies, potentially resulting in death… simply put… sleeplessness does some very, very strange things to our minds and can induce what could only be described as an internal journey into the paranormal.

The Q Files is a personal, purposeful, paranormal podcast about the highly strange and weirdly unknown. Join us on our queer adventures as we explore the people, places, and phenomena, outside popular consciousness.

The documentary series features astonishing stories about the paranormal, the supernatural, occulture, forgotten history, and the strange.

Be Weird. Stay Curious. These are The Q Files.

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