Perceptions, Gorillas and Reality – Feb 25, 2023

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Seriah is joined by Super_Inframan and Taylor Bell. Topics include aphantasia (the lack of ability to visualize), imagination, the “mind’s eye”, meditation, mental imagery, an informal survey, imagery in dreams, personal paranormal experiences, aphantasia and creativity, graphic arts, children’s imaginary experiences, internal monologues, self-talk, songs in dreams, different ways of remembering numbers, modes of learning and types of memory, lost objects, the nature and flaws of memory, the book “The Invisible Gorilla”, a strange memory of Seriah’s resolved by keeping a diary, false memories, mental filling-in, emotion and false certainty, PTSD, memories vs. recorded reactions of 9/11, perception and age, a misperception that nearly caused a traffic accident, UFO experiences of Taylor and Seriah and questions of perception, a “folded-up fighter jet”, Barbara Fisher, a mysterious yellow helicopter, an anomalous plane, Saxon’s experience with a giant snake head, Taylor’s childhood memory of scaring himself with a movie monster, reincarnation, children’s memories of past lives, the illusionary power of confidence, confidence vs. competence, the Dunning-Kruger effect, false confidence, con-games and scammers, Steven Greer, alien races, salesmanship, aggressive selling techniques, sales and ethics, psychological manipulation, criminals preying on the elderly, spam email, “Last Exit for the Lost” radio show, the book “Miracle Visitors” by Ian Watson, false certainty in the paranormal community, proving an anomalous event vs. proving an explanation, Bigfoot, “belief” and assumptions, high strangeness, Jeffrey Kripal, paranormal encounters and the witness’s life, narratives perceived or imposed, Aaron Dabbah, myths, the limited number of core stories and archetypes, a pro wrestling analogy, the film “Cloud Atlas”, the hero’s journey archetype, the Epic of Gilgamesh, “John Wick”, H.P. Lovecraft, a long-term gaming experience, “Twin Peaks”, the ancient gods vs. cosmic horror, death and its unknowability, Joseph Campbell, and much more! This is an unusual, kind of meta, episode loaded with thought-provoking discussion!

– Recap by Vincent Treewell ofThe Weird Part Podcast

Outro Music by DramaScream with What I’ve Become