Pensacola Sea Monster

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It started on a sunny afternoon in March of 1962 when five Florida teens went on a 7ft Air Force raft to skin-dive. They planned to explore the semi-submerged shipwreck, the USS Massachusetts, which sits on a sandbar about two miles from shore in the Gulf of Mexico.

Tragically, four teenaged skindivers: Bradford Rice, 14, Warren Felley, 16, Eric Ruyle, 16, and Larry Stuart Bill, 17 would be lost before the day was over and remain missing today. Only one boy returned. The survivor, Brian McCleary, aged 16 at the time told a story of how four of his friends died that day. It is a story as bizarre as it is disturbing.

Join Gary and GoldieAnn as they take a journey Within The Mist and tell of the Pensacola Sea Monster.

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