PATREON TEASER: TMZ Illuminate! Kanye, Bieber, Hanks, Beyonce, Naya Rivera, Joe Rogan, Ghislaine and Crowley’s Cakes of Light!

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On today’s episode of the Conspiracy Theories and Unpopular Culture podcast we get teased! There’s a full 1.5 hour show on the Patreon feed and I want you to get a taste of it to see if you belong on the team! The full show goes into the latest TMZ Illuminate Confirm news! It’s a big one so get ready! Here’s a rundown of the full episode:

We do some housekeeping first- be sure to use your new Discord benefit on Patreon to stay in touch with the IlluminatiWatcher community! is where you can get signed paperbacks as well.

Then we get into WHO’s avatar, Bieber’s Yummy video, P1zz@ updates for Tom Hanks and Ellen DeGeneres, the doctor who believes in alien DNA and lizard people and UFO news.

Kanye West big breakdown: Wash Us in the Blood lyrics, UFOs, Vaccines, rally talk of brainwashing, Twitter rants, the GET OUT movie reference to MKULTRA and DONDA symbolism!

We talk Joe Rogan’s latest with George Knapp, Ariana Grande’s Midsommar, Nicki Minaj, the OTO newsletter with Crowley’s Cakes of Light talk, the new US Space Force motto, Elon Musk, Beyonce’s clone, Britney’s clone, Will Smith, Naya Rivera, Black Chyna, Doctor Sleep, Rusted Root and Ghislaine Maxwell!

Links discussed on show:

I’ll post all the images I’m talking about on
GET OUT Film Analysis:
GLEE song about dying young:
Black Chyna’s alchemy website:
Dr Kim and clones show:
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