PART 2.0……..Area 51 – The Way OUT.. The Story of Army Veteran BJ Evans. EXCLUSIVE!! This is My Alien Life!!

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BJ Evans was on his way to a military retirement when he started working at Area 51.  The next 3 years changed him. The man who’s name was synonymous with upward mobility, hated his job and did everything in his power to get out.  Just when he thought it couldn’t get any worse, BJ Evans was assigned another Top Secret assignment that found him fighting for his life..

My guest tonight is an Army Veteran who spent 8 years serving in 4 different countries around the world.   In 1987 he earned a Top Secret clearance and thought that would be his ticket to retirement and a dream home in Florida.  What came next was a nightmarish two year assignment and a fear the government wouldn’t let him leave his job.  

Then one day in December of 1990 he was stripped of his credentials, and put on a bus to Las Vegas.  It was over.

What you’ll hear next is an excerpt of almost 6 recorded hours of conversation I had with Mr. Evans in the last few months.  He was very reluctant to answer questions so I let him talk. He stated he had problems with anxiety and he felt better driving.  Much of Mr. Evan’s narrative took place while he was driving.

“……..In Japan a bunch of us  soldiers were playing baseball against a couple of local teams.  There was a rumor our first basemen was going back to the states because he had a sweet duty assignment.  I finally asked him what his plans were and he said he said he was going to do a security detail in San Diego…We went thru basic together and had identical careers at that point and I told him I loved San Diego..  A week later I got orders and two weeks after that we flew to Fort Bliss and spent a month in security training…. After that we flew to Las Vegas and they threw about 20 of us on a bus. We thought we were going to Nellis..  We never went to Nellis..”   -BJ Evans-


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