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This episode is alittle different from what we normally do but the entire month of February is dedicated to episodes like this and exploring new types of episodes. In this episode we are diving into our personal favorite paranormal podcasts. We are extremely thankful for the great community of not only podcasters but other people in the paranormal world and the amount of support that allows us to do what we do. Coming from people that love being involved in the field of podcasting and in the paranormal we tend to listen to podcasts in our free time as well. And we’ve found most of our listeners love to explore and find new paranormal podcasts to listen to. So this episode is dedicated to that! We created a list of some of our favorite and then dive deep into a crazy night of investigating we had recently!

Huge shout out to all these podcasts for not only putting out amazing content but for being cool with us along the way!

Podcasts Mentioned in episode!

Believing The Bizarre:


YouTube: Believing The Bizarre

Tik Tok: @believingthebizarre

Twitter: @believingbizarre

Facebook: Believing The Bizarre

The 3Am Podcast:

Instagram: @the3ampod

YouTube: 3AM Scary Stories Podcast

Induced Fear:


YouTube: Induced Fear Podcast

Tik Tok: @inducedfear

Belief Hole Podcast:

Instagram: @beliefhole.podcast

YouTube: Belief Hole Podcast

Life Paranormal With V:

Twitter: @lifeparanormalwithV

Be Afraid Of The Dark:

Instagram: @beafraidofthedarkpodcast

Cryptid Chat With Yami:

Instagram: @cryptidchatgirl

What If They’re Wrong Podcast:



We’ll Catch You Weirdos In The Next One..

What’s coming next? : A testimony episode from Christie And Mike from The Unknown Paranormal And an episode next week on Music And The Paranormal.

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Digging our intro and Outro music? It’s actually by an awesome band called Maudlin! Check out more of their stuff and social media listed below!

Tik Tok: @_maudlin_

Instagram: @_maudlin_

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Song featured: Stacy Dahl- Maudlin

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