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Paranormal enthusiasts, Krystal Leandra from Travel Channel, Cat Cormier, and Eilfie from Paranormal State; upload their weekly podcasts about paranormal, crypto, aliens, and ghosts galore! Search Ghost Girl Diaries on all platforms!

Paranormal Podcast: My Guest Co-Host Eilfie from “Paranormal State,” on Slenderman and Black Dahlia

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Welcome back to the Ghost Girl Diaries Channel
Starting the new season of Podcasts with new guest hosts!

As always I am your host, Krystal Leandra.
Are you brave enough to join the circle?
This is my Paranormal Podcast where we talk about everything haunted and occult.

Today is a very special stream. My Guest Co-Host will be Eilfie from Paranormal State! We will be chatting about the death of the Blac Dahlia (Elizabeth Short), we will also be chatting about the legend of Slenderman, and CreepyPasta. We throw a few more chats in about other occult for fun. Don’t forget to subscribe!

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