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ET experiencer Robert Hulse of Macclesfield UFO Society http://macclesfieldufosociety.co.uk/ returns to the Paranormal Peep Show for January 2023. We discuss with him the magnetic implants of Norwegian UFO experiencer Kate Thorvaldsen https://www.katethorvaldsen.com/ and his own implants and that of other families who claim to have been abducted. Interestingly their implant marks look very similar. Robert reveals information about the Blue Arcturians aliens who can heal people with a tea found in the jungles of South America and are known for being healers and helpers. We also discuss the appearances of higher beings who follow Robert around and we recap on the mysterious psychic Bus Driver who had three super tall beings appear in his living room! We hear about a nasty encounter with the Hat Man but this time in a Top Hat! All this and more in the Paranormal Peep Show with your hosts Neil Geddes-Ward and Andrew Chaplin. The Paranormal Peep Show is a monthly show also in audio MP3 podcast format on the Paranormal UK Radio Network, VOTED the Number One Paranormal Podcasting Station! www.paukradio.com. Out first interview with Robert can be viewed here on YouTube, which if you enjoyed listening to this one, is well worth a listen too https://youtu.be/y1-xn6DqTwc

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