Paranormal & Paranoid News 19

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Episode 84 Paranormal & Paranoid News #19: Carol reviews the best and most disappointing Halloween treats, great “tricks” to try on your neighbors; warns Eastern Oregon ranchers of another cow mutilation, presents a theory that can explain haunted houses and explores creepy technology that resurrects the dead.


A cow, a missing tongue, and a mystery in eastern Oregon I Single Lightning Strike Kills 550 Sheep  | Over 500 Sheep Killed in Lightning Strike in Georgia | New app lets you talk to the dead | Ghosts In Haunted Houses Might Be Caused By Carbon Monoxide Leaks | | 3 men die after getting trapped in manure pit | Best Halloween Candy Ever, Ranked: What You Should Give Out This Year | The 30 Best Halloween Candy for Trick or Treaters in 2021 | These Are the Worst Things You Can Hand Out to Trick-or-Treaters | DieWithMeApp

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