Paranormal XL podcast

Hosted ByS.Bassett

Paranormal XL podcast is about paranormal happenings and events. We will get into all things paranormal. Ghosts all the way to Aliens. We will take you along on adventures in ghost hunting and our discussions on paranormal from all sides of the spectrum.

Paranormal in Spiritualism part 1

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In episode 6 we get into detail on how paranormal and spiritualism play in together.  We got so far in depth there will be a part 2.  In part 1 we get into what spiritualism actually is and how it plays into paranormal on the surface. In part 2 we will get deeper into that.  We discuss the 10 and sometimes 11 dimensions and what each level means in spiritualism.  Don’t forget to write in your own stories so we can read them in ” Hometown Horrors” segment. Facebook:  Paranormal XL Instagram: @xlparanormal 

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