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Disclaimer: The games mentioned in this episode are NOT recommended to play. In this episode, we are not recommending playing them because playing them could result in serious injury or a possession (potentially). Most of these games are found on internet forums and are considered dangerous spirtually and physically. 

If you are under the age of 18 and want to play these games. Please ask your parental or guardian supervision and again we highly stress…DO NOT PLAY! 

With that being said this week we are diving into some crazy games deemed as paranormal games. Games like bloody Mary, The Evavator game, and One Man Hide and Seek are examples of the games we talk about here in this episode. Games that could potentially open portals or some things in the paranormal world could lead to something unwanted. We urge please don't play these games. The outcome is uncertain and let's not test the theory if these games are real or not.

With that being said we hope you enjoy this episode and our theories behind paranormal games. 

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