Paranormal Family’s, Supernatural DNA – It Was So Bad The Family Was Rehoused

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As you know I have spent many decades trying to prove that unexplained events happy in family lines. Over the years as I’ve spoken with witnesses to the paranormal and otherworldly events I have been able to see many of them have parents, grandparents, children and grandchildren who also have the same experiences. Then many of us watch our own children as they too have their own unusual encounters. In some family groups it is so prevalent that it has become the norm. It was like that for me growing up. I knew my parents and grandparents saw spirit because they would talk about it, always in hushed tones and it was never raised outside of the family.

The Witches Horseshoe – Boscastle

The Haunted Flat – London

A Scared Family Fled Their Home in Acklam – Teeside

Three Long Parallel Bleeding Scratches – Salford

A Haunted New Home – Stretford