Paranoid Portraits A Catalogue of Conspirators with Shayne Golden and Thomas of Paranoid American

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Shayne Golden (Artist) and Thomas Gorrence (Creator of Paranoid American) joined me to discuss their latest project Paranoid Portraits, a Coloring Book unlike any I’ve seen. Benjamin Franklin, Aleister Crowley, Nikolai Tesla, Jack Parsons, Manly P Hall, Aldous Huxley, Allen Dulles, Jefferey Epst*en, Ghisla*ne Maxwell, Stanley Kubrick, Charlie Manson, Travis Scott, Anderson Cooper, Alex Jones, David Icke, William Cooper, Jordan Maxwell, Ten Gunderson, Need I Say More? we discussed all of these infamous characters and creatures as well as how Thomas and Shayne put this work together, and what it takes to make a portrait of Henry Kissinger? Find Out on this wild weird unconventional MFTIC interview Although it is not necessary, I recommend checking out the video version of this episode on Rokfin or Patreon.
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