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(Explicit) The podcast that brings you spooky stories from around the campfire with hosts Holly and Carol.

Paranoid And Paranormal News #2

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Episode 50 Paranormal & Paranoid News #2 – Skinwalker Ranch Update

Summary: Carol and Holly reflect on predictions made by TVs The Simpsons, then Holly takes a peek at some creepy nightcrawlers and gives an update on good old Skinwalker Ranch!


the Simpsons Predictions For 2021 | 12 Times The Simpsons Predict Future | People Think “The Simpsons” Predicted Trump's Win But It's Not True | Bart to the Future – Wikipedia |

Fresno Nightcrawler: haunted pants, supernatural alien, ghost? |

The Bizarre History of Skinwalker Ranch | Sky HISTORY TV Channel |

Curling Equipment and History | Roy Horn of Vegas duo Siegfried & Roy dead from coronavirus 

Tarot Cards:

Holly's deck: The New Mythic Tarot Deck by Juliet Sharman-Burke, Liz Greene, and Tricia Newell (Illustrator) with updated artwork by Giovanni Caselli (Illustrator)

Carols deck: Gregory Scott Tarot Deck by Gregory Scott and Davide Corsi

Photo credit: Timothy Eberly @timothyeberly