Owen Hunt | Manifestation In Spite of The Matrix, Toxic Positivity, and Tran-Surfing Reality

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Owen Hunt, or Bootsy Greenwood, host of The Blue Collar Mystics Podcast (formerly known as The Bootsy Greencast) joins me for a mastermind manifestation discussion that led to him breaking down overcoming what entraps us, toxic positivity, and Reality Tran-Surfing, he shared his honest thoughts on the New Age, and what may be holding you back from manifesting your highest potential.
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Owen Hunt is a producer, comedian, author, improviser and student of the mysteries of the universe. He is a voice who inspires people to discover the nature of reality through humor, love and encouragement.

Owen is the creator and head facilitator of the #getcoached program, an intensive course designed to Help You Find an Implement Your Life’s Purpose. 

If you’re interested in booking Owen as a comedian, emcee, speaker, podcast guest, audiobook narrator, personal coach or consultant please visit here: https://bootsygreenwood.com/bio

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