Overlords of the Singularity – Russell Brinegar is Back!! Diversity is our Universe…AUDIO VERSION

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Following a near-death experience that prompted a personal awakening to the underlying, interdimensional nature of reality, the author shares insights into the realm of the paranormal. Ghosts, cryptids, flying saucers, and ufonauts are explored. UFO lore and its societal impact are analyzed, along with the symbiotic relationship between science and science fiction. The mission of the flying saucers is examined regarding the impending technological Singularity, the advent of sentient artificial intelligence, and Transhumanism, all predicted by futurists to occur sometime between 2045-2080. Whether readers are UFO believers or skeptics, the book provides over 600 pages of food for thought regarding Earth’s UFO mystery, and the ultimate cosmic destiny of humankind.


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