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Our 50th Episode with Guests SeanGeek Podcast

AMAZING!!!! Almost a year since ‘Giving Up The Ghost’ started and Jas and Sher couldn’t be happier than a Ghostie in a Haunted Liquor Factory – Take that however you see fit!
On today’s special episode your Audio Curators were fortunate enough to bring on Sean and Todd McGinity from SeanGeek Podcast to tell their story of growing up in a Haunted House, which was easily well over a hundred years old!

As Jas and Sher get to interview their fellow Winnipeg Podcasters (who they met at the 2nd annual MB Podfest in September) they find out more about Sean and Todd’s childhood home. In fact, the two brothers make revelations to one another during the interview that they had shared the same haunted experiences and saw the same apparitions! All discovered while on our show – pretty creepy cool!!!

As well, the 4 podcasters chat about Ouija boards, seeing dead people, ghost vibes/energy and most importantly the Brothers McGinity discuss their Mom’s pre-parent life as a singer. Jas and Sher get to know SeanGeek better – it’s a Stellar interview you DO NOT want to miss !

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