Holosky Podcast

Hosted BySteven And Kyle

(Explicit) Welcome to the HOLOSKY podcast with your hosts Steve and Kyle, where we cover all things paranormal from aliens, ghosts, missing people, conspiracies and much much more.

Let's get weird.


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Welcome to the HOLOSKY podcast with your hosts Steve and Kyle. Tonight we take you down memory lane and go over our past experiences. Ranging from possible ghost/poltergeist activity, extraterrestrial, demonic possession, and more. We truly hope you enjoy listening to our past experiences and choose to stay on this dark road with us. Maybe together we can shine some light on whats truly out there.

Check us out on Facebook and Twitter @holoskypodcast, keep up to date on current episodes, partake in online discussions and debates.

If you have any experiences of your own you’d like to share with us please do. You can email us at holoskypodcast@gmail.com or call us at 1-877-800-HOLO (4656) and leave us a message.

Thanks to Neogeo for the music featured in this podcast you can and should check out his music on soundcloud and youtube