Oregon Hunter’s Terrifying Encounters: Loud Whoops and Rock-Throwing Creature – A Bigfoot Society Podcast Interview with Ian

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Welcome to Bigfoot Society, where we explore the mysterious world of Bigfoot and discuss fascinating Sasquatch encounters with our guests. In this episode, we speak with Ian, an Oregon hunter who shares his remarkable experiences during his hunts in the Pacific Northwest. During his deer hunting trip in the McKenzie Pass area of Oregon in October 2008, Ian heard the loudest whoops he had ever heard, which he described as guttural, similar to a gorilla. He said that this area was like an Oregon coastal jungle, and that the sound left him amazed.In addition to this, Ian recounts another hair-raising experience while turkey hunting in Green Ridge, Oregon. A creature threw a rock at his trailer, denting it, which led Ian to leave the location suddenly. Tune in to learn more about Ian’s encounters and his thoughts on what he believes he saw. This episode is a must-listen for all Bigfoot enthusiasts and those interested in exploring the unexplained mysteries of the Pacific Northwest.

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