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This is a Grave Talks CLASSIC EPISODE!

Timothy Earl is an Advent International Order of Exorcists employee and reports directly to Archbishop James Cloud, Chief Exorcist. His adventure began in 1997 when he began collecting EVPs without any ill intentions; nevertheless, things moved fast in a different direction after his wife was subjected to a demonic assault. His life has since been profiled in several documentaries and television series. Today, we learn what it takes for an exorcist to take on a case, how he’s been able to assist the living in escaping evil, and how he’s been able to do so successfully. Does the demonic attack those who are already mentally ill? We discuss this and more today on The Grave Talks. This is Part Two of our conversation.

· How on board are psychologists that Timothy has worked with the idea that someone is possessed?

·  Are there different levels of danger to humans amongst the different types of equipment used to ghost hunt?  

·  What happened to Tim and His wife when something demonic followed them home? 

·  The Catholic church was very hesitant to engage with exorcisms in the 90s. Why? 
·  Is an exorcism always something that is demonic? Or can you exercise something that was once a human spirit?
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