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An Irish podcast about why people believe weird things. A critical-but not cynical - look at cryptids, UFOs and conspiracies. Coming to you from the Cabin In The Woods.

Only A Paper Moon: The Inevitable Apollo Moon Landing Hoax Episode

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Somehow the Wide Atlantic Weird Bunker has gotten itself blasted into Earth orbit, and from there, host Cian samples a fine session IPA and speaks with Apollo buff James Lynch about the technical details behind one of the original Big Three conspiracy theories: the Apollo Moon Landing Hoax. They dissect why people believe conspiracy theories in general, why the Apollo landing was ripe for a campaign of distrust, and what this meant for the time in which it happened. They discuss Bill Kaysing, the guy who first invented this idea, the 2001 Fox documentary and the rebirth of the theory in the 2000s. Learn why NASA didn’t photograph stars and why the Apollo lander looked so damn rickety. It’s a fundamental conspiracy theory and deserves a deep-dive, so get ready to take one giant leap for podcast listeners and blast off for the great unknown (or at least a studio in Nevada)!


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