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On the Odd is the paranormal interview show hosted by Mark Sage. The show hosts new guests in each episode who share their haunting experiences with ghosts and the spirit world. Join Mark as he takes a serious and nonjudgemental approach to the most intriguing conversations with experts around the world. Stories that encompass all areas of the paranormal, supernatural, demonic, ghost investigations, haunted houses, possessions, shadow people, the unexplained and more. Please be sure to subscribe and give us a review to help us grow!

On the Odd – Wrapped up in the Shroud

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Mark welcomes Joe Marino to the show.

Tonight’s guest is a former monk who has studied the Shroud of Turin intensely for 42 years and believes it to be authentic. He has one of the largest personal English-language collections in the world on the topic of the shroud and has written extensively on the topic.

Joe’s website can be found here:



You can find Joe’s amazing book here:

Wrapped up in the Shroud
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