On Our Radar: My Family Thinks I’m Crazy

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On Our Radar My Family Thinks I'm Crazy

A Podcast about understanding life, overcoming the matrix, and advancing humanity.

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Great show keep it up

I listen to all kinds of alternative media and ideas. Everything like THC, prop report, TinFoil, Skeptico, grimerica, Miguel Connor and Ripple Effect. I love all that stuff. And I feel like me and Mark are on the same wavelength with a ton of our thoughts and ideas. Mark has a very wide range of understanding on a ton of different subjects, quickly becoming one of my new favorite shows thank you very much Mark keep up the good work with your show and on tinfoil as well. Good luck and much love

Coral Monday,

I loved the episode with Josh Monday

You are such a great interviewer Mark awesome job to the both of you


I love the show Josh Monday

Super interesting great interview God bless

You Mark and Josh Monday

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Jack Kirby

Jack Kirby

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