On Our Radar: Knock Once For Yes

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On Our Radar Knock Once For Yes

Lil & Fitz share their own spooky experiences with the paranormal, visit haunted locations, explore local legends & urban myths as well as share several of our listeners real ghost encounters. Subscribe to the show on your favourite podcast provider to get the latest true ghost stories, haunted history and things that go bump in the night.

Here are some listener reviews you may find helpful.


Ouija board- also love your show

So, I looove your show. Thank you. It’s wonderful amd I listen to it every time you put out a new episode. I listened to one about the ouija board, and the family “passing along” the spooky gene.

My mom used the ouija board when she was a teen. It told her she would marry Robert. Fastforeward and my dad.. his name is Robert. They are still married to this day. I asked the ouija board the same question at 14.. it spelled out Christopher. Now, five years later I married a Michael.. horrid experience.. we split and then two years later I met a Christopher..whom I also dreamed about prior to meeting him- I dreamed of him proposing. So, then, of course, I married a Christopher. Still going strong, for the most part. Also, he and I both met our son before he was born. He just walked into our bedroom one night.

Ok. Love from Texas!

Keep up the good work!



I needed this!

I’ve been looking for a great paranormal podcast for a while and you guys nailed it!


Fantastic Storytelling

I hate to say it but I’m a bit of a podcast snob. I know within the first few minutes if I’m going to keep listening. This podcast is fantastic. The stories were interesting and told in an engaging way and with just enough creep factor and British accent to keep me coming back for more. I’m looking forward to the coming binge.


A a really Entertaining Supernatural Podcast

I am a huge skeptic, but this podcast is delightful. You get wonderful creepy stories, and a bit of British history with ghostly happenings. Lil and Fitz have wonderful voices, and they sound like the nicest people. They do a terrific job telling ghost stories, and the history is always fascinating to listen to. As an American, I am envious of all the history they have so close to home. Often I get chills listening to them recount the spooky stories that other listeners send in. This is one of my favorite podcasts!

Jack Kirby

Jack Kirby

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