Omniverse Lifeforms-Hyperdimensional Entities-Probes From The Architects-We Look Deep Into My Own Experiences!!

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This whole adventure had to start somewhere.  Literally in my own back yard.

My Alien Life Podcast is a documentation of my experiences that I have been trying to explain most of my life.  I do this through my guests; as we draw the parallels of the universe.

Tonight, Cass lends his interpretation of my own accounts of strangeness that occurred under my own roof.  


I want to thank some people before we start..   I had a bunch of generous people do some incredible things for me a few months ago.  I plan on thanking them frequently because it’s important.  I can’t do this show without financial gifts.  I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Jackie Kleeb

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Mary Stone

You make a difference; you are the difference.  This art form doesn’t exist without you and your amazing generosity.  I can almost be certain these people are also generous in many other ways and to many other people.  So thank you so much from the bottom of my heart..

Every show I do is dedicated to you.


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