OLD-TIME RADIO ESSENTIALS Ep. 19, Christmas Special

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THE SIX-SHOOTER: “Britt Ponset’s Christmas Carol”

Welcome to Old-Time Radio Essentials, a monthly podcast dedicated to the discussion and evaluation of various episodes of Old-Time Radio. As our title suggests, we look for and try to select those episodes that truly represent a particular series, and belong in every OTR aficionado’s collection. And so we present, as our 2nd annual Christmas Special, this episode of the Western series starring James Stewart, “The Six-Shooter”. Join us for the full episode, and stay for the discussion afterwards! Co-hosts Pete, Paul and Dave have years of experience listening to classic radio shows and you’ll have fun listening to the deconstruction.

For more episodes of this series, search “Old-Time Radio Essentials” at naradaradio.libsyn.com