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Ancient tales of those mysterious places where animals go to die have always intrigued us. Whether it is the “elephants’ graveyard” or the dying place of the bison, men for centuries have searched for the one spot within each region toward which old and wounded beasts struggle, driven by some instinctual urge during their final days. Even ancient Native American burial grounds hold a special mystique to them.

The area known as ‘Big Rock’ is a rocky peak that towers two hundred feet above the surrounding countryside. A small cave high on the side of the peak was also reputedly the home of the wolf, Old Raridan, who legend says was killed in an epic battle with local settlers at the end of the 18th century defending this sacred burial ground for the grey wolves. His ghost is said to prowl the area and howl from the cliff edge during a full moon, still guarding the dead.

Join Gary and GoldieAnn as we walk along the trails Within The Mist and discover the legend of Old Raridan.

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