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Ohio is among the top five states in bigfoot cases. This is thought to be because of the widespread forest areas, multiple acres of farmlands, and numerous lakes and streams. There are eyewitnesses who claim that there is a giant, hairy hominid that walks on two legs through the forests of Ohio. The cryptid gets its name from the enormous, igloo-like living structures, or nests, it constructs out of tall grass. Is this a version of Bigfoot or is it a completely different entity altogether?​

Today, Gary and GoldieAnn discuss the creature hidden amongst the tall grass: the Ohio Grassman.​

2015 BFRO Cuyahoga Howl: https://www.bfro.net/avevid/SOUNDS/Cuyahoga_OH_howl_March_2015-clip.mp3

1994 BFRO Cuyahoga Howl: https://www.bfro.net/avevid/mjm/ohrec.asp

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