Boston Harbor Horror Presents

Hosted ByAsylum 94 Productions

(Explicit) During a rescue on one of the many islands in Boston Harbor, a Coast Guardsman comes across a strange artifact that leads him into a strange world of hidden cults and long-forgotten religions.

Occulting (3) 15: Initial Observations

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Alex interviews the command and investigates the crime scene. He finds there may be some truth to the strangeness he’s been told.

Content Warning: Trauma, gunfire, horror themes, blood, PTSD


Detective Carter: Perky Perkins

Agent Devereaux: Mike Gagne

Senior Chief Bolton: Amanda Konstantin

Chief Kim: David Young

MK1 Grier: Kirsty Woolven

RI State Trooper: James Rossi

Theme music composed and performed by Josh Monroe of Graven Rogue Studios. Written, produced and sound designed by Mike Gagne of Asylum 94 Productions. Disclaimer is courtesy of Kate Wallinga of Ignorance Was Bliss.

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