Weird Darkness: Stories of the Paranormal, Supernatural, Legends, Lore, Mysterious, Macabre, Unsolved

Hosted ByDarren Marlar

Voice artist Darren Marlar narrates true stories of real paranormal events and true crime.

“Obese Entity In The Corner” #WeirdDarkness

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ATTENTION ALL WEIRDOS: This short video is an experiment. I know that Weird Darkness is the most popular show on my channel, but it is also the most time consuming which is why it doesn’t get posted as often as everything else. I’m trying to figure out a way to change that. So this video is short – a single story. I’ve removed almost all of the fluff from the beginning and end that I normally have. It’s quick, simple, straight to the story, then done. WHAT DO YOU THINK of getting a short story like this more often, rather than waiting for a lengthy show only every once in a while? Please let me know in the comments. And if you DO like this new format and want to see more, please LIKE the video and share it on your social media to spread the word about it! THANK YOU, WEIRDOS – I LOVE YOU ALL! Tell your story so I can use it in a future episode at! Original post: “True Tales of Haunted Places”, by G. Michael Vasey, narrated by Darren Marlar. Hear a free sample at ++++++++++ * DARREN MARLAR RADIO SHOW: * MARLAR HOUSE AUDIOBOOKS: * FACEBOOK & TWITTER: * DAILY DOSE OF WEIRD NEWS: * WEIRD DARKNESS: * MARLAR SHEET (newsletter): * FREE MOBILE APP: * SEND ME STUFF: Marlar House Productions, PO Box 2023, Loves Park IL 61130

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