Nun In The Fog | True Ghost Stories

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What was the nun wandering around on a cool foggy morning in the distance and what did she want?
Here is a preview of the story.
“So, naturally, there was a good 6 inches-1 foot of snow on the ground, and it is COLD in Erie, PA. It being cold and 1 AM I decided to take up an offer to crash at a friend’s house which was much closer, and I let her know I was on my way. While walking up the steps approaching the grove (others call it a garden but I’ve always thought of it as a grove) I noticed the smell of cigarette smoke and thought “Who the hell is smoking at this time of night and in this cold?” I walked past the grove and looked in and saw a nun in full habit sitting and smoking. Knowing of only one nun on campus who smoked I called out “Sister Mary-Paul, what are you doing out here? Are you ok?” At this point I realized that this was NOT Sister Mary-Paul as she did not have her dog who seemingly accompanied her everywhere and, more to the point, she did not appear entirely solid. The nun stood up and looked at me and, being thoroughly freaked out and not expecting this, I bolted. I sprinted straight to my friend’s apartment where I was met by my friend (now my wife) and her roommate’s boyfriend, who noted I looked pale as hell and terrified”

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