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I’ve been under the weather this week, so the November spirit messages may feel a bit different than the past few months that were more channeled. I want to thank you for your solidarity in response to my last episode on the shadowy side of spiritual business. I received so many messages, including people who had a similar experience with the same podcaster, and others who agreed it was time to bring these issues to light. Scorpio season was perfect timing and I want to thank you for complimenting my vulnerability. If you are drawn to that aspect of my work, there is probably part of you who desires to show up in a similar way.

November is going to be an exciting month in Spirit School! In the Collective, we will have practice circles and a Q&A on death doula work with me. Sara Rose will also be teaching about Human Design in the membership, and there will be weekly opportunities to practice as always. In the free Spirit School space, we will be doing a five-day experience, The Confident Lightworker, that you are welcome to join whether you are practicing or not! This will take place the week of November 21st.


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In this episode:

  • The first message that came to me for November was “a little bit more”
  • We think we need to have a huge shift to change things for ourselves
  • We actually just need a little bit more – peace, socialization, time to ourselves
  • Over-consumption is the norm but we don’t actually desire a lot more
  • We forget what we’ve been through in the pandemic, like after childbirth
  • Extremes have lessened over time, but we still feel we need something drastic
  • Spirit wants you to ask yourself, what can you do a little bit more of?
  • The shifts are big even if they seem small
  • There’s also a message to have a bit more compassion for ourselves
  • It has taken courage to get to where you are now so give yourself credit
  • Desiring it more won’t make it come before it is meant to
  • Allow what you desire to come to you and sit in the contentment of the moment
  • A lot of us are past or forward thinking instead of being present in contentment
  • Instead of treasure hunting for shadow work, just deal with what comes up
  • Our peace will increase as the intensity of world events does as well
  • I get the feeling that we are being lifted up and becoming a lot brighter
  • If you usually avoid world events, you may be asked to step up in courage
  • You are sensitive, so you won’t come across as harmful
  • I don’t resonate with January as the new year, but people are thinking about 2023
  • You can follow curiosities instead of sticking to one thing like in the past
  • We don’t need to fully heal before moving on to the next thing
  • Because I am not feeling well, I am going back to cards instead of channeling today
  • We don’t have to relinquish hope when things are intense in the world
  • We chose to be here and thrive at this time to gain spiritual strength
  • We may not see the rewards, and new sense of clarity, for a year 
  • Our loved ones in spirit are in awe that we chose to be here at this time
  • Every choice we make shapes what the world will look like in a year
  • I feel certain in my heart that we will be okay despite what happens in November
  • The exchange of people stepping up while others sit in stillness is beautiful