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We’ve reached double digits in Season 2 of the Nosleep Podcast with episode 10. This time we’re featuring five stories about nasty home environments, futuristic frights, and workplace terrors!

This episode features these stories: 

The Silent written by Asher Rice (Redditor OminousOnes) and read by Guy Lester (Redditor BaphometJr).

I’m Sorry, Daddy written by Hagen Loyd (Redditor Hagenisnotacat) and read by C.H. Williamson (Redditor pomochu).

Talent Show written by Sam Hunt (Redditor Left-Hand-Path) and read by Wendy Corrigan (Redditor EchoWind).

Working Late written by Leon Chan (Redditor straydog1980) and read by David Cummings (Redditor MikeRowPhone).

Basement Cameras written by Alan Coakley (Redditor breadofthedead) and read by Travis Newton (Redditor thetravisnewton).

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