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It’s Episode 21 of Season 16. Our correspondence Our correspondence becomes technologically terrifying.


“[APPLICATION_REDACTED] Bug Reports” written by Alexander Sproul (Story starts around 00:02:30)


Produced by: Phil Michalski

Cast: Narrator – Dan Zappulla, Brother – Atticus Jackson, Best friend – Graham Rowat

“The Red Door” written by Matt Richardsen (Story starts around 00:21:10)

Produced by: Phil Michalski

Cast: Narrator – Atticus Jackson, Roger – Mike DelGaudio, Jenny – Nichole Goodnight, Green Tie Narrator – Atticus Jackson

“ZOREN F. DOFO” written by C. McKelvie (Story starts around 00:40:10)

Produced by: Jeff Clement

Cast: Narrator – Penny Scott-Andrews, Arthur Jacobs – Andy Cresswell

“Dear Laura – Chapter 4” written by Gemma Amor (Story starts around 01:09:00)

Produced by: Phil Michalski

Cast: Narrator – Kristen DiMercurio, Laura – Mary Murphy, Mrs. Scott – Nikolle Doolin, Mr. Scott – Graham Rowat, X – David Cummings

“Bad Debts” written by C. Jorgensen and D. E. Gauvin (Story starts around 01:06:45)


Produced by: Phil Michalski

Cast: Narrator – Graham Rowat, Lauren – Wafiyyah White, The Manager – Mike DelGaudio, Susan – Sarah Ruth Thomas, Steven – Kyle Akers, Female Customer – Erika Sanderson, Male Customer – Mick Wingert

“The Kinda Guys That Fuck the Robots” written by J. L. Schnelle (Story starts around 01:35:45)


Produced by: Jesse Cornett

Cast: Narrator – Erika Sanderson, Stephanie – Jessica McEvoy, Jeff – Jeff Clement, AJ675-B – Jessica McEvoy, Mike – Atticus Jackson, Jon – Kyle Akers, Caroline – Wafiyyah White, School Counselor/Ms. Adamms – Mary Murphy, Stephanie’s mom – Erika Sanderson, Mr. Taylor – Jesse Cornett



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Executive Producer & Host: David Cummings

Musical score composed by: Brandon Boone

“Bad Debts” illustration courtesy of Mark Pelham


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