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Our sixth scary episode of The Nosleep Podcast spotlights spooky stories sure to send shivers scurrying down your spine. Featuring stories from the No Sleep forum at Reddit.com, these stories will make the dark hours of the night creep slowly past. 

Also, we are proud to introduce a new co-producer to the podcast: Chris Holland (Redditor slamgauge). Chris provides invaluable production, music, and narration for the podcast and has played a big part in its continued growth.

This episode features these stories:

Kenneth written by Huxley Adams (Redditor huxleyadams) and read by Christopher Maust (Redditor stoferin).

First Time at the Movies written by Kaye Hazleton (Redditor manyofhorror) and read by Wendy Corrigan (Redditor EchoWind).

Why I Refuse to Work Late written by William Dalphin (Redditor wdalphin) and read by Reece Selby (Redditor GoldenBuns).

Daddy, Are You Awake? written by Scott Weaver (Redditor tortuga_de_la_muerte) and read by Chris Holland (Redditor slamgauge).

The Friendly Man written by Pit Pastel (Redditor Mis-shapes) and read by Wade Thorson (Redditor WadeK).

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