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Our fifth frightening episode of The Nosleep Podcast features five fantastic fables that will make you feel like you’re the focus of fear! Featuring stories from the No Sleep forum at Reddit.com, these stories will make the dark hours of the night creep slowly past.

This episode features these stories:

Tales of a New York Subway written by Colin Thomson (Redditor ivysaur) and read by Jinny Sanders (Redditor Spookykittens).

A Game of Flashlight Tag written by William Dalphin (Redditor TwilightSparrow) and read by Drew Cummings (Redditor EarlMcFisticuffs).

I Couldn’t Resist You written by Chris Coffman (Redditor snapjamma55) and read by David Cummings (Redditor MikeRowPhone).

Safe written by Makana McDonald (Redditor Pufflekun) and read by Matt Hansen (Redditor clever_imposter).

The Smell of Gasoline written, read & produced by Chris Holland (Redditor slamgauge).

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