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On this episode I interview Nora Koppel, daughter of Hinterkaifek expert Adolf Koppel, all about the facts of the case as proven by the investigations of her father. Dolf wrote the book Lerchenstimme (The Lark’s Song) and book in German about The Hinterkaifek Murders and he claims to have proof of what happened to the Gruber Family on those fateful days 100 years ago at Hinterkaifek.

Dolf recreated weapons, made moulds of wounds and combed through the 100 year old evidence to bring this case back to life and try to get it solved. We already went through the details of this case a while back; but this new set of information and the 100 year anniversary makes it a lovely revisit with Nora. We have the craic and I feel like a silly goose at times with my crazy guess work from the last episode; but with two books (one narrative and one evidence based) and a stage play coming up in June; this case is definitely getting a reinvigoration of interest. Be the first to know ‘auf Englisch’ what’s really going on at Hinterkaifek.


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