Night’s End Spotlight: Tiny Tales podcast

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A skeptical paranormal investigator enters an abandoned house, oblivious to the dark secret hidden within.

Haunted – Written and Narrated by R.E. Rule

The Tiny Tales Blog 

Music and Production by Frank Nawrot



Hello everyone! James Barnett here, creator and producer of the Night’s End podcast. We hope you’ve been enjoying the second season so far. We are a little way over halfway through the season and can’t wait to bring you more tales.

You may be wondering why we are releasing another episode so soon. Well, the truth is, I am here to introduce you to another amazing podcast that I have had the pleasure of working with a few times now. 

This type of episode is what we are going to coin as a Night’s End spotlight. The name of this podcast is the Tiny Tales podcast and it is created by two lovely people R.E. Rule and Frank Nawrot. 

R.E. Rule writes and narrates the episodes and Frank Nawrot writes the music and handles production. These are two fantastically talented creators and I am excited to feature an episode of Tiny Tales here today. 

If the name R.E. Rule sounds familiar, that’s because she narrated, The Elevator Game, a couple of weeks back, where I think you’ll agree she did a fantastic job. 

I have also guest narrated on their podcast on the episode, What Happened That Night, which is a spooky tale that I recommend you go check out. But not before you listen to this creepy tale. 

If you enjoy this episode, please remember to go and subscribe to the Tiny Tales podcast or head to their website for more info. 

Now sit back, dim the lights, and remember, don’t ever close your eyes, there’s no telling what can come for you. 

And as always, stay horrific everyone.