New Years 2020 – The Man Who Murdered Time

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Happy New Year!!!
The Man Who Murdered Time (Radio Show)
Originally Aired: January 1, 1939

A mad scientist, who is dying from an incurable heart disease, builds a time machine. He then relives December 31 over and over again so that he can repeatedly kill his cousin who has wronged him. Lamont Cranston and Margot Lane are the only two conscious enough to realize the repetition of New Year’s Eve, and together they successfully change the course of events to prevent the villain’s evil deed.

Full Cast
Bill Johnstone as The Shadow (Lamont Cranston)
Agnes Moorehead as Margot Lane
Dr. Willard (a mad scientist; dies)
Hughes (Willard’s cousin)
John (Willard’s butler)
Stewart (Cobalt Club member)
Fred (Margo Lane’s doorman)Featured Characters:Villains:Other Characters:

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