New England Vampires

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Deaths of entire families was occuring at an epidemic rate in New England during the beginning of the 19th century.  Though much of the deaths was blamed on consumption, there were cases strangely bizarre enough that the community believed there was more going on. 

Newspapers of the time used the phrase 'vampire' for these deaths, likely influenced by the vampire beliefs in parts of Eastern Europe. The 'New England vampires' would feed off the life force of their family members from beyond the grave psychically, rather than being conducted by walking undead creatures of the night.  The resulting deaths would be the same and the effects would spread through the community creating the Vampire Panic.

Some of the most famous believed of these New England Vampires include the Manchester Vampire, Nellie Vaughan, and the most famous case of American Vampirism, Mercy Brown.

Today, we take a walk Within the Mist and discover the stories of the New England Vampires.

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