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We’d like to buy the world a… SHAM?!? There’s an unsavory episode in the history of Coca Cola that the biggest soda company in the world would like you to forget about (actually there are a bunch, look it up). But in this case, we’re talking about Coke’s colossal and expensive 1985 misstep, the introduction of New Coke. The company lost millions of dollars because consumers refused to let them trifle with their beloved bev, and Coke quickly replaced the old formula. But here’s the thing. Some people think it wasn’t a misstep at all, and the company intentionally took an L so that they could bring back traditional Coke and blow everyone’s minds. What madman would be bold enough to argue this theory? WILL HINES THAT’S WHO. The phenomenal comedian, teacher, writer, and actor stopped by to blow all our minds with his wildly well-thought-out theory that Coca Cola planned the whole dang caper. Thanks Will! And thanks to you for listening. Hey and don’t forget to patronize our Brand! New! Sponsor! We love Loot Crate and we think you will too, head over to lootcrate.com/lizard and use promo code LIZARD to get your nerd swag.