Nero Wolfe Stops a Poisonous Party and Finds the Disappearing Bullets!

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Welcome you amazing listeners…
Today is Nero Wolfe Monday. First up is The Vanishing Shells – a man is shot…but where did the bullets go? His chest? His head? Where on earth did those bullets go?
And your second episode “A Party for Death” where jealously runs rife, poison pills are in bags of the unsuspecting, and one of my favourite lines is uttered by Nero Wolfe regarding one of the inspectors “The inspector is a jack ass” – Collins is killed, and Nero is the only one who knows WHO did it?
So, Let’s jump right on in mates, and I won’t hold you one moment more from the large and bellowing Nero Wolfe, with his complaining side kick, Archie Goodwin. Enjoy!
Enjoy mates! 💜
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