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Neo Positivity Shares How He’s Mastered the Art of “Thoughts Become Things”

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Positive Thinking provides multiple benefits to achieving balance.  I’m pleased to have Neo from NeoPositivity.com, Renowned Life Coach from Camden, New Jersey on our show.    As a natural athlete, Neo excelled in football and karate and other sports.   

In January 2003, Neo started the Police Academy in Blackwood New Jersey, and after the academy, he was quick to establish a name for himself in the Camden City Police Department.   Our guest describes his experience as an undercover officer to be his favorite because he was able to rely on his acting skills to excel on the force.   Neo retired from the force in April 2010 to pursue his passions after serving as a Police Officer for seven years.

While serving the citizens of Camden City, Neo also played Semi-Pro Football for the Voorhees Vikings, attended 3 National Football League professional football combines and is still listed as a free agent.   Neo also started his own Company named Davila Enterprises LLC.   He has mastered the art of “Thoughts Become Things,” and he currently spends his time educating others on how to achieve future goals and reach their full potential through the act of manifestation while simultaneously learning to quell the potential impact of “what if thoughts.”

Neo’s website:   www.neopositivity.com

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