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Did some type of force take over the dialogue of a family leading them to say hurtful things of each other, with seemingly no control?
Here is a preview of the story. 
“Of course, we thought, we should watch it and that it sounds interesting….my daughter and I are about halfway through the movie; we have the lights off in the living room and surrounding rooms while we are watching and no outside lights on at all, and the movie is a scene of the father talking about his “bitch” mom and how she was a horrible person, etc…(mind you this would be the prior owner of our house) right as that part is playing, a darker then dark big black shadow moves across the television screen faster than a person could move. I did not say anything, but immediately looked behind me thinking, oh, it must be one of the cats running on the counter and that somehow without any lights a shadow was cast onto the TV in front of us, it wasn’t, there was nothing behind us at all…my daughter saw me look and said, mom, did you see that shadow too?  We finished the movie, but I kept thinking about how I would feel if I were a ghost in my prior home and the new homeowners are watching a movie with my son talking bad about me…for the next few days, activity seemed to spike more than it had been.  I finally spoke out loud to the prior owner and said, I am so sorry about that movie and how hurtful that must have been; we had no intention of hurting you.  Things have been mellow since, so I am hoping she understood.  “ 

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