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A DAILY paranormal podcast filled with real ghost stories of horror, told by real people. Stories that encompass all areas of the paranormal, supernatural, demonic, ghost investigations, haunted houses, possessions, shadow people, the unexplained and more. Some listeners describe our true ghost stories as "a podcast full of great spooky stories". Another listener writes "not the same old boring zombies, vampires, witches and werewolves! This is the best ghost story podcast out there", and another subscriber writes "combines the best parts of other ghost-story and paranormal podcasts and delivers a solid, spooky experience that is better than Coast to Coast AM, George Noorey or Art Bell". Subscribe to Real Ghost Stories Online today and don't miss an episode of our daily ghost podcast. Call in your real ghost stories anytime at 1-855-853-4802 - or write in through our website
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Near Death Experience | The Grave Talks

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Could a near death experience open the door to the supernatural? For one woman, Laura Ketchledge, that seems to be the case. After having two brushes with death, it seemed that a portal to the other side was opened for her. This portal would bring with it encounters with deceased loved ones, friends, pets and the occasional stranger. Did these continuous encounters with the dead have a purpose or meaning? Is there a message they are trying to get across to Laura from the other side? Today we hear the true story of a near death experience that brought the other side closer to our reality. 

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