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IN THIS EPISODE: Did she drown? Did she commit suicide? Despite her death in 1889, we still don’t know how Maggie Hourigan died. (The Mystery of Maggie Hourigan) *** In 1958 Gavin Gibbons wrote a children’s science-fiction novel By Space Ship to the Moon, which featured a UFO landing on Moel Sych in the Berwyn Mountains of North Wales. Sixteen years later, in a surreal case of life imitating art, those very same mountains would again be the focus for a story involving a downed UFO. But this time, some said, the story was for real. (The UFO Case That Refuses to Die) *** Greer Island, a small patch of land close to where the West Fork of the Trinity River flows into Lake Worth, is heavily shaded by tall oaks, cedar elms and cottonwoods. One of the quietest spots in Fort Worth, the island is home to egrets and owls, perhaps an alligator or two. And maybe, just maybe, the Lake Worth Monster. (The Lake Worth Monster) *** In 2017, Washington State Senator Karen Keiser was quoted as saying, “The incidents continue, they continue, and we have to consider that there is potential cosmic life over the island… it’s a very special place, with a cosmic presence.” What exactly happened on Maurey Island in 1947? (The Maurey Island Incident) *** Whether you’re a true believer or one of those skeptics, stories of spirits haunting the living from the confines of a Ouija board can chill you to the bone, and make you think twice before communicating with entities from another dimension. (True And Disturbing Ouija Board Stories) *** What if creatures like gnomes and imps aren’t just real – but also evil? (Nasty Gnomes, Evil Imps and Terrifying Tommyknockers)

(Dark Archives episode originally posted March 31, 2020)
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