Nancy Talbott, the 2009 Circle Season and the Robbert van den Broeke case

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Nancy Talbott, a retired music producer with a research background at the University of Maryland and at Harvard College, is now a world renowned crop circle researcher and runs the BLT Research Team. BLT has done the best scientific work on crop circles and documented several anomalies that have yet to be explained by conventional means. While investigating crop circles Nancy began investigating the strange case of Robbert van den Broeke. Robbert is a young Dutch man who has been able to predict the creation of crop circles, as well as take some amazing pictures of strange people and objects that are not seen with the naked eye. Nancy has investigated and documented this phenomena. She has taken criticism for supporting Robbert, but having witnessed it she feels it is her responsibility to share her research. She will be answering questions about Robbert and giving us some information on the 2009 crop circle season.