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In this episode, we tackle a phenomenon which has been popping up ever since our “High Strangeness in Chicago” show – oily black mists that disappear without a trace. We managed to find stories of the black mist apparently causing sleep paralysis, emerging from walls, turning into skulls, and in one case, doing some things that would have been right at home on our “Ghost With Two Backs” episode

Also in this episode: Paul is a literal riot and Bren makes a four-legged friend

Story Time Codes:

The Hike (9:10)

The Skeleton (17:04)

The Thing on the Stairs (27:42)

Sleep (30:00)

The Crack in the Wall (34:10)

Pulse (49:25)

Dream Love (1:00:20)

Bad Timing (1:06:02)

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