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Mysteries and Monsters: Episode 59 Krissy Eliot

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This week, we’re delighted to be joined by journalist and blogger Krissy Eliot. Based out of the San Fran Bay Area, Krissy has a growing reputation for her refreshing take on the world of Bigfoot and Cryptozoology in general. We cover the recently developing trend of viewing Bigfoot as an agressive predator, rather than the zen like, calming guardian of the woods that many have claimed. Native stories often fell into two camps, those of the benevolent and wise Bigfoot and those of the nasty, eat your children and steal your wife types.We cover a wide range of aspects of the phenomena and I hope you enjoy our chat. You can keep up to speed with Krissy’s blog here: Her personal website is here: Thank you for joining me Krissy!

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